Cadiz v Sevilla – Copa del Rey Round of 16 1st leg - Preview


Can’t say Muriel missed a chance, can say Muriel didn’t have a chance, what is this football we’re playing?

Mudo for Banega, good change.


Typical Berizzo’s Sevilla in the second half and lots of defensive errors, including the stupidity of Rico to cause that unnecessary penalty (which thankfully he saved and corrected his mistake).

Hopefully the improvement will come sooner rather than later.


Agreed Shendm.

I sometimes wonder if 11 top class players could organize themselves without a manager, what would be the result? would we have 6 points more or 6 points less in la liga.


I can’t understand all the negativity on here.
I thought tonight’s performance was like a breath of fresh air. The team seemed far more organised and looked like they really wanted it. The superb long pass (46.5m) from Kjaer to Navas is what we have been missing, let’s mix it up a bit. Tonight was a welcome change from all the 100% “tippy tappy” sideways then backwards play of Berizzo. We even managed some shots of more than a metre away from the goal.
Sergio was back to something like his best in goal and made a couple of good saves then saved the penalty that after watching the replays was wrongly given, in my opinion he didn’t make any contact with the Cadiz player.
Yes we did make a couple of mistakes in defence, Lenglet did almost cost us a goal and Muriel was once again almost invisible, but we did show some of the fight that had been missing. I enjoyed the game and it has left me feeling more confident for Saturday.

vivi a lungo The Italian job


Missed the game today due to work, but holy hell did Rico really actually save a PK? Has that happened before? haha

From the highlights looked good early, looked like shit late. Am I right?


Didn’t watch the game too as it was on at 4 in the morning. Hopefully Montella was just trying different players, I think we have had enough of Murel, I’d rather put a chair in his place sometimes.


Your’re right Brian, it’s not fair to criticise the manager who wins his first game, or a winning team too much, Though we see the same errors repeatedly, the opposition teams are still scared of Sevilla. We also noted an improvement in play with the long balls over the top. What we need now is some play through the middle.

Banega has to stop losing possession though, after losing the ball he continues to dribble out of defence to vindicate previous mistakes.

That was a trademark goal by Nolito. Drifts inside and then pulls back a shot to near post. All the Levantes, Gironas and Alaveses have that move studied and would force him further across the field.


It was a case of a broken clock being right once or twice a day, he flings himself to one side and it’s only a matter of time before he guesses one correct. Can’t remember him ever having saved a penalty, but I’m sure he must have.