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We have to accept that Champions League is our no.1 objective while we’re in it, after we concentrate on la liga.


I notice that Lopetegi has called up Vitolo, Alberto Moreno and …??? Luis Alberto !!!


Yeah, ridiculous. What has Vitolo done in Las Palmas to earn a call? Not even helping them stay out of the relegation zone. Lopetegui is very biased and a weak NT coach imo, never rated him.


I really wish we would start to value our youth system again. Who’s the last youth other than Rico to make a big impact on the first team? Moreno I guess. Alberto was never given a chance. We loaned him out over Baba and Manu.


Why are we buying a Brazilian left winger ‘Arana’, apparently?


Barcelona also after Arana and he is being considered the “new Marcelo”. He plays at LB.


It’s a bit weird since we have LB covered so far with Escudero and Carole, however, the management is definitely seeing something BIG in Arana, so who knows.

We should be focused on a striker and a CB/RB (urgently), and potentially a goalie (less urgent).

Who knows when Pareja and Carrico will make the 100% comeback after their surgeries. I wouldn’t count too much on Pareja, first because of his age and prone to injury (also had an ACL in 2015), and also not counting on Carrico for this season, very prone to injury.

If we get a RB in January, or ideally get Aleix Vidal back, then Mercado can be shifted to CB to help Kjaer and Lenglet and then Vidal can perform at RB and pair with Navas/Sarabia.


I mean, I like Carole and Escudero, I don’t understand - first we didn’t have any cover for Escudero, now we’ll have too much cover. maybe they’re thinking of putting Carole forward.

Montoya will be moved to Boca Jnrs I think.


The LB is really young 20 I believe, so he could possibly play down at SA or be loaned back out for the rest of the year maybe? Or we end Carole’s loan early.


I was thinking of that option, ending Carole’s loan earlier. Technically it could happen, and I highly doubt Arana will play in SA as he’s considered “the new Marcelo” by the Spanish press and Barca also linked to him, so he will definitely not agree to play in Segunda. Also 11 million Euros is too much for someone to play for SA.