Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla - Match Preview


Whatever Lenglet has done to keep out of the ref’s book is working. He needs to be careful, cause this is still La Liga, where you get booked going for a 50-50 ball.

We’ve managed to control the ball in the final third, but haven’t done much with it. I expect a different approach in the 2nd. They need to find Muriel more; defenders are already backing off him cause he’s a threat.


Definitely. Fix the final 3rd rustiness and we have a team that can damage any other team in the world.


Christmas Carole quite solid there on the defense, but lacking offensive power.


Terrible from Nzonzi! What we doing there?


Franco Vázquez totally out of shape, always 1 or 2 gears slower than the opponent and loses the ball easily too often


what happened with the goal? I missed it I"m in a shitty motel with crap internet.


Fair play to them! They been to strong for us 2nd half!


Nzonzi underhit a backpass to Rico with Carrasco on his shoulder. Rico came out and whiffed. Open goal tap in.

Second goal was a complete defensive clusterfuck.


I been impressed with atletico! It’s no shame losing to these, they look stronger than last season. With their squad and Costa coming back! They could even win it! Or push Barca and Real close!

We got the points we were expected to get! We got a chance to bounce back though, with 2 winnable home games next! Never mind about today, we just weren’t at it 2nd half and against a quality side like atletico we will pay for it.

Onwards and upwards! Vamos Sevilla!


Luck ran out. We have 2 winnable home games coming up before the next int’l break. Time to improve.


Atletico is simply the much much better side, by far away. They know how to be a threat in the box and how to make good use of every mistake of the opponent.

Can’t really blame Berizzo for this. The guy put up his best possible line up and actually managed to have a great first half, not allowing Atletico any shot on goal and dominating the match. However, he is not at fault that our players are dumb enough not to know when to shoot and when to pass while in the box.

We will never ever win La Liga or do something major in CL without 40-50 million Euros investments in certain players. The board knows this well, but us fans can easily forget it and never get the hopes too high. We should be thankful that this team is over-performing and having a lot of luck even with the likes of Getafe, only to sneak some hard-fought 3 points.

We don’t have a killer striker. Muriel can’t out-run and out-muscle everyone in his way. He lastly played for Sampdoria in the Serie A, now imagine. Not that Bacca would’ve done much more, but Jovetic for instance, could be useful in these kind of matches, as he is the player that can make something out of nothing, shoot blindly from somewhere and score, because he risks and it rewards him most of the time. None of our current players are risk-takers, Navas didn’t shoot vs. Las Palmas, as it would be too risky, he wanted to cross but the Gods of football wanted it to be a funny goal.

N’Zonzi, 2 goals from amateur mistakes from him. To be brutally honest, he is a very good player but he hasn’t been contributing anything worthy mentioning this season. He passes well and sometimes chases players, but his defensive abilities are getting poorer every time, or could be that he simply doesn’t care much, thus these stupid mistakes. It gives a feeling of negligence, and hopefully they won’t be repeated or at least done minimally. N’Zonzi can’t be a liability when a game is going the almost perfect way. If we would hold them on for longer at 0-0, they would get frustrated and then who knows.

Atletico are sneaky bastards, all they want is to score first and then control the match in their pathetic anti-football ways. We weren’t allowing that, but then it got all messed up, too early in the second half.

We should seriously look for a striker in January, WBY is simply crap in important matches. A pity that he got all the tap-ins and constantly gets them, while Muriel has to fight 10 times more to score.

Also where the fuck is Nolito? Is he on a vacation or something? Have him come back urgently as he is the only player in the team that at least tries make something happen out of literally nothing, kinda like Jovetic but not quite.

On to destroying Maribor.


Bad mistake by N’zonzi for the first goal, you can’t give teams like Atletico free gifts.
What worries me more though is Lenglet, time and time again he’s caught ball watching and is completely unaware of what’s happening around him. Players find it all too easy to slip past him without him noticing. On the rare occasions he does realise there may be danger nearby he’s apt to lunge in with a clumsy tackle that 4 out of 5 times results in a foul. I hope that Kjaer is fit for tuesday he was a rock against the canaries.


Agreed on that. Lenglet is very good and is clearly improving, also had a fairly good game today, however, his surrounding awareness sucks. Pareja for instance is better on that… Carrico also, Lenglet needs to work on that if he wants to boss games like these where details matter a lot.

Would like to see a Kjaer- Lenglet pair soon, maybe vs. Maribor on Tuesday just to see the connection.


Our final third are really poor.
I can only put the hope on Muriel and maybe correa to improve.