Akhisar vs Sevilla FC - Europa Matchday 4


image vs image

Starting XI for Sevilla


We should be too good for these, but I’m not over confident, hoping for a couple of early goals again then I can relax


I’m not really bothered if it goes 0-0 or 0-1, just NO MORE INJURIES.

We’re having a great season but won’t handle 3 competitions if we have 4 or 5 heavyweight players on the injury list every week.


2 well worked corners and Nolito gets a shot on target!!


Nolito with a good goal with a good vision pass from Muriel! Vamos


Goal Muriel - Brilliant work by Promes!


Even Muriel can’t miss from there 2-0


This ref has been bated twice now and we have gotten yellows both times. :frowning:


What were Gnagnon and Amadou doing there ?
S Gomez off and they have a penalty. Going badly now


Lazy defending - terrible reffing as it wasn’t a penalty in my mind.


At least the post saved us. We have been really poor today imo and Muriel is really terrible and seems uninterested in even being there.


Justice done with help from the post. We look like a different team now. The Turks are well on top


What’s the sub? Carrico on Muriel off?


Wobbly table coming on for Nolito


haha Wobbly table


Spartak Moscow 4-3 Rangers That looka a great game


SL up in their game too. Hoping for a draw in that one.


Ridiculous. It was coming. :frowning: tied at 2 now


The ref is going to be embarrassed when he watches this back and see all the flopping.


Yep. We will be luck to get a draw here how we are playing. We look a completely different team this half :open_mouth: