2019 Summer Transfer Rumors

Just watched a few youtube videos of Ocampos and Koundé.

Koundé looks a tremendous defender, really quick to nip danger in the bud.

Ocampos looks a bit short of pace. Great touch and pass, decent shot. That first metre of accelaration though is costly in la liga, rather like Rakitic in that respect but could be a good replacement for Sarabia in advanced positions.


Lucas Ocampos

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So our first game is against Espanyol then Granada both away at Sevilla’s request. But how many times do we have to play Espanyol on the first game of the season, it’s three consecutive or 3 of the last 4.


Not a bad start to the new season. 2 decent away games to start. Hopefully we make a bright start with our new wave of players and monchi 2nd coming, with Lopetegui at the helm! Vamos!

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Deleted post, wrong thread

No worries Brian, you coulda still kept it here too. I’m happy for Soriano though, and hope he gets trusted with a full season.

That 2nd GK spot is a tough one. As David Soria proved to us, they just need to play. On the other hand, maybe Rico needs a whole season as a backup to give himself a reset? I’d honestly be happy with just having Javi Díaz get promoted.

AS reports Sevilla negotiating for Fernando (31, :brazil: :portugal:) from Galatasaray. The work never stops…

Apart from Reguilón, this signing would continue the trend of Monchi recruiting players over 1.80m. A lot of physique, without neglecting technique. Muy bien. :ok_hand:t5:


But 31…

31, but is a winner. Invaluable experience with Porto & Man City. We have a 25 yr old DM in Amadou who i’m sure will be 1st choice anyway.

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When I saw Fernando Reges I thought it was some obscure Brazilian midfielder who spent his career in Brazil, only when I saw his CV did I realize we were linked to the Fernando who played for Porto alongside Raul Meireles and Lucho Gonzalez, he was ever-present in the starting lineup before being a bit-part player for Manchester City and then departing for Turkey.

He would have been an excellent signing two years ago and even now would be a welcome addition, he is quietly efficient and does his job with minimum fuss while adding much needed veteran leadership and steel in the midfield, this is exactly the under-the-radar signing we need.

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I seen this Chris! Not the best way to start pre season with a new team. Typical of Lopetegui Although, I think he will be good for us, as he’s passionate and motivated to do well after recent disappointments at Spain and Real Madrid! Let’s hope for the best!

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It seems that Banega will actually carry on with Sevilla this season. But i get the feeling that Mudo might also… :woozy_face:

A few updates:

  • Roque Mesa was going the other way in a trade for Fernando, but they may end up being separate deals.

  • Amadou is apparently on the transfer list as well; St-Etienne is interested but won’t pay a reported €10M asking price.

  • Chilean DM Erick Pulgar is still being linked to us (€12M-15M release clause), as Julen apparently wants a playmaking #6.

  • we also got linked to Napoli’s RW Adam Ounas, currently the joint-leading scorer at AFCON. No playing time under Sarri, and didn’t overwhelm with Ancelotti. Has a lot to prove, but has talent to go along with his pace.

  • Monchi was in Madrid to meet with super-agent Jorge Mendes. Some are thinking he’s after Renato Sanches.

Not only in football, but overall in life - I think when you don’t expect much and lower the expectations, there’s a higher chance for sweet surprises.

Rumor is we’re close to signing Fernando too, and by the looks of it so far, Monchi has done an amazing job once again. There’s obviously a few more in and outs to carry out (hopefully I won’t at least see Mudo’s face anywhere around the stadium when we play), but so far so good… and who knows, things might look similarly awesome in the field too (soon).


Sanches would be a big get if we can keep him motivated and improving.

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Media Outlets have said that Fernando is a done deal, it’s just the formalities that need processing. Mesa is heading out on a separate deal and both teams are still negotiating over the price.

Pulgar would be a very nice catch and complete the midfield for us. Bologna have inserted a 12-15M release clause in his contract which makes him very affordable for us. Let’s get him.

Not convinced by Renato Sanches, he had the world at his feet and decided to go to Bayern where he was overwhelmed and stagnated as a result. A season in the Premier league did him no favors and he has not been called up for the Portugal National team at any level for the past year. It is also reported he could be coming for a transfer of 35M, I’m not willing to break the transfer record on a stagnated 21 year old. A midfield of him, Banega and Vazquez would do nothing other than asphyxiate the squad in a slow, agonizing match. There are plenty of other options, when are we confirming the Hagi signing?


Something interesting in the press, which was titled ‘Sevilla looking for goals on the cheap’ and says that the transfer fees for Dabbur and De Jong represent approximately €400k per goal scored last season. While Atletico’s purchases of Joao Felix is at a price of €5m per goal and luca Jovec, now of Real Madrid in the region of €4m per goal. Viva Monchi.

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This is great news! That’s 8 signings now and all talented players! Love monchi, he has revived this club again and breathed new life into it. It should be an exciting season ahead!

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It really is great work, but I feel a bit uneasy about the prospect of Banega and Mudo continuing.


Yeah I agree, it’s probably the only area we still need to address. As I agree, they don’t work to well together and it’s time for a change. I don’t think we finished yet though, it has been some transfer window! We can get top 4 again, with how well we did in this window! Viva Monchi! Hopefully Lopetegui can do a good job for us too!