2018 Fifa World Cup Official Chat


Also, with the round of 16 confirmed, all 6 Sevilla players (Banega, Mercado, Nzonzi, Kjær, Layún & Muriel) have moved on. Not sure how this compares to other clubs, but 6/6 is not too shabby.


Farewell Messi and Ronaldo, terrific events, great world cup, no trouble, good playing surfaces (just a bit slippy at times), great stadiums and atmosphere, surprising results.
Portugal, Germany and Argentina out. Happy days.


Banega and Mercado out already, Kjaer could join them tonight and Layun tomorrow.


Sevilla 3 for 3 on pens


And then there were 4…

I like both semis. It will be an intriguing final regardless of who makes it. Really looking forward to De Bruyne vs Kante.


Crazy worldcup. Go any one but England. Sorry Marks. :grin:


Crazy Crazy. I had a downer on England and France because they have a few head-cases and when England conceded that 92nd minute goal it was exactly what I envisaged. But it’s been a joy to watch how fluid France move the ball out of defence and the power of Pogba who has been crap for about a year, waiting for this world cup to pull his socks up, there ya go.

I couldn’t change my fantasy team while I was at the coast but I was a bit fed up with it anyway, I scored 32 points in the first game of the round of 16, only bettered by you Chris with 40. Then in the next game it started giving me points for goals in the penalty shoot out, but then decided to remove them, it was then I decided I didn’t understand the rules which are written in vague-speak. So I ended up with a load of players who were eliminated. Never mind.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to see Germany Brazil Argentina and Portugal go out before the semis.


yeah the fantasy thing is a little wonky. Been fun competing with some pals though. Looks like @RyanMoore is kicking ass.


It’s 1-1 in the final and I’m rooting for Croatia.


Nzonzi the 2nd(?) Sevilla player to lift the World Cup


Croatia were very unlucky conceding those first 2 goals, but France scored 2 really good goals. Maybe Subasic could have done better, but i think he was still injured.

France played like an Italian team out there. Defended well, then attacked for a good 10-15 minutes. Pogba was great in this match. And was nice to see Nzonzi get a good 40 min runout to close out the match.

Overall, a really good tournament. Has me looking forward to Copa America and then the Euros.


With the players they had, France should’ve played waaaay waaaay better. I was rooting for Argentina, Spain and Croatia, but Croatia were the moral WC winners at the end. Phenomenal performance and kudos to them for making it to the final after 3 straight extra times.

It was a beautiful WC after all, thanks for the spectacle from all the 32 teams.

Now back to club football after quite some time.


Croatia created a lot of chances in the first half but the ball wouldn’t go in, bad luck.

Don’t remember 1 red card in the whole tournament. Each world cup is more sanitized but that was well organized too, tremendous scenes in the rain in the presentation.


Shoutout to Kevin who was clutch in winning our fantasy league by 2 pts in the final!


Congrats to Kevin. Totally forgot that I’ve signed up for this, the participation is what counts!