2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window


Yeah… Chelsea should’ve gotten him as a replacement for Courtois instead!


Another bright young Sevilla product leaving us. :disappointed: Does that mean we put Juan Soriano as the backup GK?

I feel a lot of the stalling is due to Ganso occupying that 3rd non-EU spot, which we need for Aboubakar. Nobody wants to pay for him, so it’s likely he’ll only leave closer to the end of the transfer window.


That’s the same situation as Chevanton, he didn’t feel inclined to leave so Sevilla removed his registration, he then had the choice of accepting offers or being out of football for 6 months or a year. It’s that easy (well you have to keep paying his wages) but if the player is professional he can’t afford to be out of the game because it stains his reputation and reduces his value. Ganso doesn’t want to go to another European club, he would prefer Sevilla or a return to Brazil, Sevilla can make that happen, it’s just a game of €€€€.

Presently, Ganso wants to go on a free transfer (if you believe the press), Sevilla want to recover some dinero, naturally.


West Ham went for Lucas Perez (official) and renounced Maxi Gomez. Interesting…


Things will move along once the EPL window is closed. I’d like to think we could buy him or show the ambition to pay big money, but it makes me nervous and it’s not even my money.


If no EPL team gets Rebic, then we’d have some pretty good options on the table. It’s all good as long as we don’t sign the types of Andre Silva.

Man City trying to get N’Zonzi reportedly… if he doesn’t end in EPL then he could end in… Roma (big LOL!)


Just as expected… we’re getting the best nr. 9 in the market… Andre fucking Silva on loan. What a disgrace!

We already have two impotent strikers we don’t need another.


Shit, if we gonna take someone on a one year loan from Milan, just give us Bacca.


Such a shame. Machin clearly wanted a ‘target man’ nr. 9 to work for his system as we already have 2 half-strikers. What does the management provide him with?

Andre Silva on loan - a half-striker that is quite impotent. He scored 8 goals per season for 3 seasons in Porto B, the very poor second league for Portugal and 17 goals for 2 seasons in Porto A team in the Portuguese first league (again a poor one compared to the top leagues), so he averaged 8.5 goals per season.

Made the big move to a more decent club, Ac Milan and failed dramatically, scoring only 2 goals last season. His reward? Joining Sevilla… messed up.

Then, there are reports that we’re going to sign another striker and again, the most rumored one as a back-up for Andre Silva is Borja Mayoral… again a half-striker and not the pure nr. 9 that Machin asked. A huge disrespect to Machin right from the start. Borja scored 3 goals for 3 seasons in Real Madrid, 1 per season. Of course, he wasn’t playing much, but why the hell would he be good enough to join us on that standard?

Absolutely ridiculous…


I had a look at Silva and he reminds me of C. Ronaldo at 19 years old, where Silva is 22. He’s a tremedous talent but full of all the show stuff, so he’s an unknown as to how he’ll develop. But the price of the player is out of orbit and a years loan is wasting his and our time, so it’s not really a sensible option, a lot of risk for little gain. We do need a target man.

Rebec has renewed his contract so he’s off the market.

We’re now linked with Kiko Casilla, now third goalkeeper at Real Madrid.


Willian Jose, Batshuayi, Aboubakar are still on the table, but we’ll most likely set for Borja Mayoral or similar. So we’ll go for 2 average strikes instead of 1 pure nr. 9.

This is how the management fails us everytime, they don’t make the necessary step for us to become a serious club. Machin asks something, they provide something totally different. That’s not even a joke anymore.


I think you underestimate Andre Silva. He left Porto too early, but he still has a lot of talent. I’ve read about signing him for 20+. In my opinion, a decent transfer, if it happens.


He could be the best in his role, however, he’s not the best that fits the system and Machin’s query was different. We had to sign profiles such as: Aboubakar, Rebic, Willian Jose, Batshuayi, Maxi Gomez etc.

Machin wanted a ‘battering ram’ and a pure target man. Andre Silva is not the profile that Machin requested… he could be in another dimension of life not on this one :stuck_out_tongue:


Besides, he’s mostly a tap-in player and not very different from WBY for the role.

If we fail to sign another pure 9 target man to complement AS, it will be a failed mission for the attacking sector.


Official - Batshuayi to Valencia on loan.

This is what a serious club looks like :slight_smile:


I would definitely not call him a tap-in player. He’s capable of creating chances and he’s quite agile for his “size”. I mean, if he comes, Machin probably gave the approval.


Of course he gave it. I mean, there were like 5-6 options on the table and we went for the arguably worst one.

Time will definitely tell - there’s still hope that we sign a complement, though you can’t help but be pessimistic with this management.


The transfer seems all but done. Loan with option to buy for 38M.
Seems like Machin wants a 2nd new striker though.


Reaction of that purchase option price: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMGPYrDAfM8


It’s quite obvious that the transfer strategy the board used in last 20 years doesn’t work that well nowadays.
Any bottom EPL teams could slap 30M easily. EPL teams will have even more advantage once their current TV deals end.
Those cheap and unknown talents ain’t hidden any more in this internet era.
I don’t believe Andre Silva is the right choice And i don’t think the board can find a decent striker this season as we don’t have champions league.
Damn. I seems to be losing interest in watching football (or watching sports in general, I stop watching NBA few years ago) in this globalization era.