2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window


On loan, if only he could star there and return.


So… no Kagawa, no Portu, only Promes? :confused:


Disappointing that we never got Portu. Thought it was a lock!


What a shame regarding Portu’s transfer now that I’m reading the updates. As it seems, Girona acted like complete bastards by breaching the agreement in the last moments and asked for 20 million instead of 17. Portu himself didn’t even want to get his stake of 2 million had the transfer happened, just so he could play for us under Machin.

I can understand Capparos acting out of despair on this deal and not paying 2-3 millions more to finalize it because of how Girona acted, however, Spartak did more or less the same thing and it is something that happens in today’s football business world. We should’ve gone with the additional payment and signed Portu, especially now that we don’t have a proper support at the LB (for which Vidal could temporarily cover).

A real pity…


Portu is crap anyway, any player who doesn’t instinctively want to play for Sevilla is not for us. We’re still a bit light on transfers bearing in mind Caparroz talked of two or three players more this week and we have just one, but never mind.

In one of the comment sections somebody said that if we had talked about paying €20m for Portu in July, the fans would have thought we’d gone crazy.

We’ve got Quincey and Silva, they’re going to frighten the pants off the rest of the league.:grin:


Portu would’ve been on the bench anyway, no? The projected front 3 is Sarabia-Silva-Promes. I’m fine with things as they are (except for a slight doubt in midfield).

We ended up keeping Muriel & Nolito, which i don’t dislike. I feel Muriel was misused last season, as he never played with another striker. Doesn’t cover the fact that his finishing was dreadful. He’s said himself his best position is as a support striker, so we’ll rarely see him play centrally. As for Nolito, i like that he always has the right attitude, but i ain’t asking for much. If he can be good enough for us in EL (group stage) or against bottom-half teams in La Liga, i’m fine with that.


Yeah I’m still happy overall. We got enough options upfront and we much stronger all over the pitch than we were last season. We brought 9 players in. All good signings too. I’m happy and satisfied.

We can always try get another striker in January if we need it! Vamos Sevilla!


Promes in the squad for Betis derby, Muriel and Carriço out.


Finally making a comeback after more than 9 months out but am still up to date on the developments and transfers in the squad.

All the departures were justified, just wanted Muriel to go as well, you can’t hope to play supporting striker wth his technique and dreadful scoring touch, but at 20m he is now a liability so we have to hope some desperate team in serie a or the premier league plumps for him in January.

Carrico should not go just yet, he’s still the captain on paper can play a role. Sergi Gomez is a great addition, even though he may not be barca quality he has the basic skills in control and passing that we need instead of just hoofing the ball forward. Gnagnon should see some game time too.

The midfield could be further reinforced, Nzonzi was gone so finding a replacement in gonalons was a more than adequate replacement, but we’re still stuck with the uninspiring duo of banega and mesa; banega has his moments but is equally frustrating when he is not on form, mesa just gives a lot of fouls. Amadou may come to good but machin has played him at center back. I’d rather we went for a krycho loan, he is now in rissia playing for spartak.

Andre Silva needs to win me over, his opening day hatrick was more on good instincts instead of teamwork, if he works hard he should score more than a few and prove his doubters wrong. Ben Yedder is our best finisher and needs to play. I would have liked a late push for Maxi Gomez since we were willing to throw 35m at Mariano Diaz, who is 25 and hasn’t scored since April.

As for the players who rejected us over the window such as michy and mariano, enjoy your respective benches, especially Michy, rejecting a club twice is not a classy move.

P.S: extremely pleased we didn’t go for Joao Mario, he was really bad in serie a.


For those of you in Spain, I moved from ONO/Vodafone to Movistar because they have la liga football plus all champions league games and UEFA and some other interesting football programmes.

It costs €72 a month for two mobiles with 12 giga downloads, TV, fixed telephone, fibre optic internet connection. But now I can also watch games while I’m at the coast, beach (or wherever) using wifi direct from mobile to the TV or Tablet.

This technology is probably available everywhere, but sometimes we’re a bit behind in Spain.

But speaking of technology, there must be a better way for those outside Spain to receive Sevilla games without resorting to lame streaming sites.

(Valencia Betis drew 0-0, Betis have still only scored one goal in 4 games, against us)