2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window


Reportedly Spartak have asked for 22 million and we were ready to only pay 18. It would be a shame and a failure if we won’t be able to sign a quality player and trying to bargain for circa 4 million euros. Quincy seems to have not asked for more money or similar, it’s about the clubs.


Promes finally got on the plane so looks like that’s going to happen. Portu should be sealed soon too.


… unless someone comes in to hijack the move (ie. Real). But fingers crossed we see him shaking hands with Caparrós or Marchena.

So if all goes well, Quincy Promes would be our best LW since…?




Now we’re cookin’ with some gas!


Oh yea, that guy…


I’m excited. This could be one of the strongest Sevilla squads we ever had! Up their with the Juande Ramos era!


Yeah Vitolo was great. Perotti was good too, just not as polished as he is now. Excited for some SPEED!


But who is going? No club want Muriel/wby/nolito because of salary? I don’t wanna see these guys rot on bench…


If Promes and Portu sign (which will 99.99% happen today), we definitely need one of WBY, Muriel or Nolito gone. Machin is using Mudo on the left as well, so Nolito could very well rot on the bench, along with Muriel and/or WBY.


Mayoral went to Levante ceded for 2 years with option to buy at €7m.

Sevilla have had it difficult trying to contract/buy players this summer, I think something is wrong especially now that Mayoral has chosen Levante over Sevilla. Is there something going on in the background?

Carlos Fernández loaned to Deportivo.

And where is Portu, didn’t train yesterday, should have arrived in Sevilla by now.


Perhaps they though that signing/loaning someone from RM after the Mariano saga would be too much for the fans to endure.

If we get Promes and Portu, would that mean WBY and Muriel stay now that Mayoral/Mariano didn’t come?

Quite difficult to understand the strategy and squad planning this season. Anyway, we have quite a strong squad in overall, though not sure if better than 2014-15.


Portu has about 2 hours left to arrive, Caparroz says he will not be sending out a search and rescue party.


Looks like we might have found a taker for Ganso. Amiens in France.


So Girona won’t sell him unless they get Angel from Getafe, and if we don’t get him, we’ll try to get Kagawa but we’d need to get rid of Ganso first to do that. Why did we wait until the last minute for this?


He’s probably going to Getafe, Eibar or Levante ‘a big club’, manilla envelopes filled with cash.
I hope he’s a bit more decisive in the penalty box.


Well, Angel is starting for Getafe vs Valladolid in about 25 minutes, so…

No Portu? Kagawa on his way?


3 games tonight (blimey, is that a record for Friday night?). I’ll catch the 8:00 pm in the bar and then there are two games at 10:00 pm, so I’ll have to stagger home quickly tonight.


Ganso is off to France, so the international spot is open.


Great news that we signed Promes! Are we signing Portu too? Would be a shame to miss out on him. He would be our 10th signing!