2018-19 SFC Summer Transfer Window


Promes is quite good as well - he can play as LW and CF and in my opinion, he’s better than Mariano! Hopefully we’ll end up getting him and not the likes of Cornet, Saint-Maximin, Niang etc.


Maxi Gomes is back in the mix too. I really like this player.


I’m reading Dani Ceballos to Sevilla!?! This has got to be joke right???




I think that is a weird Twitter rumor. He posted today Fuerza Verdiblanca.


The Sun (I know, I know) is reporting Sevilla to loan Shinji Kagawa with an option to purchase.


Yea it’s just Twitter rumours. After moving on from Mariano, it’s looking like Portu & Promes on the docket, although the latter has interest from Monaco & Benfica (2 CL teams.)

In terms of exits, i’m sure Carriço, Ganso & Muriel are departing. I think for Nolito & WBY it’s still up in the air. A lot for only 3 days. But deadline day pressure does make things move quicker. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


Real Madrid really punished Sevilla with Mariano but it ain’t over if you remember how they screwed up the DeGea signing. I wouldn’t mind trying Anthony Martial on loan but there are bigger clubs after him. He looked great a few years ago but has drifted into the wilderness with Man Utd.


Anyone else has a feeling that the Mariano saga was all made up so that RM could get him for 35 instead of 80 million (when they asked Lyon once)?

If so, it’s a pity that we’re being used this way, damaging the relations with other clubs for the benefit of pathetic RM and uncle Perez.


I was just saying something similar, it’s more than coincidence that RM entered into this just as Sevilla were at the point of signing.


I hope we don’t get Borja Mayoral, Quincy would do just fine!


Promes and Portu would be a good finish to the transfer season. Maybe a CB if Carrico leaves.


A bit uninspiring press conference talk from our coach. First he praises Borja Mayoral a lot, beside not having much experience in La Liga, ignoring the question about Quincy - a bad signal there. Then he says the first replacement in order for Escudero is Arana, then Vidal then Sarabia. So we’re not even thinking of a new LB, Arana lacks the pace and will be a liability in defense. Hopefully Portu comes and Vidal shifts to the left to cover for Escudero while he’s out of action. Can’t trust Arana with that slow-motion pace, scary.

Then he says we might sign a defender or not (even if Carrico leaves). Amadou seems to be very injury prone but he mentions him as a potential CB, which is alright, but then the worst happens - he praises Berrocal and states he’s the closest to becoming a first team player. Are we living in the same dimension?

Fingers crossed all will be good at the end!


Escudero might be back sooner than expected, it was just a dislocation without fracture according to medics, but they’ll do another x-ray after the swelling has reduced to be sure there’s no micro fissure.


Sounds like Promes is on his way for 20m


This Mariano thing was perhaps a blessing in disguise. Instead of splashing 35 mill on a striker that will now rot on the bench of RM, we’re getting Quincy who is quite versatile and a more exciting player in overall. Portu might join him as well and that’d be the cherry on top!

I’d be happy with the current CB’s that we have if Carrico doesn’t leave. The transfer window in Portugal doesn’t close until 21st of September so anything can happen in the meantime.


I hope we don’t make the fatal mistake and sign Borja Mayoral instead of Quincy… that would just be, ludicrous!


I don’t know what’s wrong with Mayoral, can’t say I’ve ever seen him play but the Quincy guy is asking for more money which is complicating the deal.


I can understand him asking for more money man. We can’t be a serious club not offering bigger salaries, hence why we’re always a medium club, not joining the top. This could’ve been a turning point, with a top proven player like Quincy, but we’ll probably rather go with Mayoral. Nothing wrong with him but comparing him to Quincy is like day and night.

We’re not a serious club, that’s all - it hurts us all as die-hard fans.


That’s one of the main reasons that Monchi left by the way. He saw that the board wasn’t ready to make the big step to become a top club, rather they couldn’t care less about the fans and glory - only their own pockets. As Cristina would say, a small mentality club :stuck_out_tongue: